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Chuck’s spectacular illusions, combined with his
showmanship and personality, guarantees success every time!


“Chuck Jones...top of his craft.”
— Variety.

“... a slick act that does the biggies.”
— Hollywood Reporter.

“...the most versatile personality in his field.”
— L.A. Times


“Chuck Jones & Company was a happy jolt. The father of the Mis-Made Girl dramatically resuscitated the audience with a joyous, precisely executed, a complete magic show. It was solid, professional, fast-paced and, more importantly, Jones radiated believable enthusiasm.

Bottom line: Jones may be one of the most underrated, under-praised,
professional magicians in America.”
—Magic Magazine

A proven HIT at thousands upon thousands of live performances!
CHUCK JONES: Master Showman; Spectacular Illusionist; Accomplished Performer
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