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  Simply the cleanest-looking “squeezing illusion” ever!

Chuck Jones offers this exclusive illusion from his touring show to the magic fraternity.

The apparatus is assembled in front of the audience: A hollow table frame is displayed, the tabletop is placed on the frame, and side panels are added. Your assistant rests between the panels.

The panels are pushed together meeting at the center. Sucker gag permits the removal of drape leaving the most incredibly thin table and an audience wondering where she is!

A flattened “paper doll” is removed between the panels. Part of the doll’s costume is torn off revealing a different costume. The paper doll is replaced, the panels pulled apart, and your assistant instantly appears wearing the new costume!
The apparatus, performance rights, and copyrighted routine - US$6,950 - Price without road case.
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CHUCK JONES: Master Showman; Spectacular Illusionist; Accomplished Performer