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Complete Description of routine:

The apparatus is assembled in front of the audience – With an assistant, the magician removes the tabletop, standing it on end in the background. The audience will notice the top is very thin; it has a "track" mounted on top, which will become obvious later. He now picks up the hollow table frame with a short drape attached; it can be tilted over to show there's nothing hidden. The tabletop is again placed on the framework.

The magician attaches two "end" panels on each side of to the table, sliding them onto the "track." Your assistant enters and sits between the panels. A "window shade" curtains are closed, front and rear, hiding the girl. The magician now pushes each panel towards the center, squeezing the girl flat. (Alternatively, a second assistant can push one panel, as the magi-cian pushes the other.)

After limited applause, the magician notices he's forgotten to remove the drape. (You can play this as a sucker gag if you like.) He rotates the table and, in the process, completely removes the drape leaving the most incredibly thin table nowhere to hide the girl! Second applause cue!

She's in here, the magician points out. He reaches between the panels and removes a "flattened" girl (paper doll). Although it may seem lame, this never fails to produce laughs. Then, as an added gag, the paper doll's costume is torn off leaving her dressed in only a bikini underwear or brief leotard (play this as an accident, if you like). The papergirl is replaced. The panels are quickly pulled apart and instantly the assistant immerges, wearing the same brief costume!
The third applause cue comes from the almost instantaneous reappearance, coupled with the costume change!


This illusion is easiest when performed with three people: magician, girl assistant, and a second (male or female) assistant to help assemble the table top, carry on the panels, etc. However, it can be successfully done with two people, using your girl assistant to help you assemble the apparatus.

The cleanest-looking "crushing/squeezing illusion" ever—not another large box!

The routine utilizes a costume change that really makes sense!

The speed at which the girl can be reproduced when the panels are pulled apart sometimes brings gasps from the audience!

You supply your own break-away costume for the costume change and duplicate "costume" for the paper doll (flattened) girl.

The apparatus, performance rights, and copyrighted routine - US$6,500 - Price without road case.

*This illusion and routine is fully protected under copyright and trade secret laws.

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